Public Notice Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance For Fiscal year Beginning May 1, 2018 and ending April 30, 2019 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE DUNLEITH-MENOMINEE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT: Section 1. That the current fiscal year of said Dunleith-Menominee Fire Protection District be, and the same is hereby fixed and determined to be the period beginning May 1, 2018 and ending April 30, 2019. Section 2. That the following budget, which contains a statement of the amount on hand at the beginning of said fiscal year, and estimate of the receipts and expenditures of said Fire Protection District for such fiscal year and an estimate of the Budget and Appropriation Ordinance of the Dunleith-Menominee Fire Protection District for said fiscal year, to wit: ESTIMATE RECEIPTS Cash on hand at beginning of fiscal year: $104,512.66 Taxes to be received in this fiscal year from current and prior years' tax levies $135,950.00 Replacement Tax Revenues $4,000.00 TOTAL ESTIMATED RECEIPTS: $ 244,417.66 ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES Fire Protection Fund : Training $5,000.00 Building Repairs and Maintenance $20,000.00 Gasoline and Oil - Trucks $5,000.00 Investigate Fires $800.00 Truck and Equipment Repairs $25,000.00 Insurance $35,000.00 Utilities - Phone and Electric $5,000.00 Fuel - Buildings $4,000.00 Firefighters' Equipment and Supplies-New $50,000.00 Office Expenses and Postage $1,500.00 Medical Expenses for Firemen $4,000.00 Interest $0.00 Debt Reduction $0.00 Compressor/AirPack Maintenance $5,000.00 Administrative Expenses Fund: Publication of Notices $500.00 Court costs and required legal services $10,000.00 Trustees expenses $1,400.00 Capital Improvements: $50,000.00 Contingent Fund $20,000.00 Total Estimated Expenditures $242,200.00 Recap: Estimated Receipts: $244,417.66 Estimated Expenses: $242.000.00 Estimated Cash on Hand at the end of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 $2,217.66 Section 3. That the above sum of money, to-wit: The sum of $242,200.00 being the total of the estimated expenditures as above indicated, or so much thereof as may be authorized by law, is hereby appropriated for the needs and purposes of the Dunleith-Menominee Fire Protection District for the aforesaid fiscal year, ending April 30, 2019. Section 4. The unexpended balances of any item or items of any general appropriation made by this ordinance may be expended in making up any deficiency in any item or items of the same general appropriation made by this Ordinance. Section 5. That this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication according to law. Dated at Menominee, Illinois, this 30 day of August, 2018. APPROVED: Kerry Nick Tranel President of the Board of Trustees of the Dunleith-Menominee Fire Protection District Attest: Robert Wallenhorst, Secretary (G-37-C)

Posted 12/31/1969