Schools serve students throughout crisis


WARREN–Each school day, Tammy Goken and Barb Haffele, food service staff members at Warren School District, take their posts at the door, waiting for students to approach to pick up their free lunch and items for breakfast the following day.

Goken said that about 45 students picked up meals on Wednesday, March 18, and food service staff expected the same number the following day.

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Students arrived with smiles, happy to see a familiar face on the other side, one that they can associate with the joys of school and a sense of some normalcy in the world of ever-changing news and a fear of the unknown.

Goken, Haffele and the rest of the staff say that this hour brings them joy as they fear that they might not see students back in the school for the rest of the semester.

The staff members said that they enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the students just as much as the students enjoy seeing the staff.