East Dubuque puts $487,00 sewer cleaner to good use


EAST DUBUQUE–The city of East Dubuque public works department is putting its new capital purchase to quick use.

The city recently purchased a tandem axle Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner for $487,000 and took possession of it in July. Already, this new purchase has shown its utility and broad range of uses.

On this particular day, the Vactor is on DeSoto Avenue in front of Shehan Auto Electric. Louie’s Trenching is working on a water main break. The Vactor is sucking up water and dirt allowing a crew to make the necessary repairs.

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The real purpose of the Vactor is to peek into sewer mains, catch basins and lift stations and “find problems before they become problems,” City Manager Loras Herrig noted.

Sand, especially in storm sewers, is an issue.

The city has been hiring out this telescoping process, which can become expensive.

“We’re going to put sewers on a regular rotation (for inspection),” said Mark Fluhr, director.