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STAFF EDITORIAL: Now is the time to think of others and Be responsible

During these highly charged political times, no one enjoys being told what to do especially when it comes to wearing masks and social distancing. But we think that every Jo Daviess County resident needs to be thoughtful about the recommendations and requirements regarding wearing masks and keeping our distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.


No rights have been lost. In fact, our rights of free speech, press, petition, religion, assemble, owning guns and all the other rights delineated in the Constitution of the United States remain in place during the pandemic.

The citizens of Illinois–and in fact this country–have been asked to wear masks and social distance to be respectful of other people and help stem the tide of this virus which has killed 154,861 in the United States and 690,055 people throughout the world. Many in our community are older or are caring for older residents or have diminished immune systems. Don’t these neighbors, friends and associates deserve respect and the opportunity to live safe and secure lives?

But there’s more to this equation.

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Jo Daviess County is now at a “warning” level with the state due to the surging cases of COVID-19 here. Within a couple of weeks we’ve gone from 60 to over 110 cases.

Businesses here are hanging on. The last thing they need is to have additional restrictions placed on how we live due to an ever-increasing case load of this virus because some choose to act irresponsibly during the pandemic.

Being a citizen involves being responsible. We believe that wearing masks and respecting social distance is the only responsible way to live during the COVID-19 pandemic. By doing so, you help the economy, your friends and neighbors–and you keep yourself safe.

We urge you to take the safe and secure route.