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Letters to the Editor
Use the power of the ballot box

I’ve often been puzzled by the Right’s repeated insistence that “we’re a republic, not a democracy.” Of course, a republic is representative democracy. I used to assume conservatives just resented the term “democratic values” as it might make people think of the Democratic Party.

Ashamed and sad

I want to respond to the letter printed in the Galena Gazette on July 2 by John Bernardi. My words come from my heart because the issue is about children.

Throwback brings back memories

Thank you for publishing the picture of the hay making crew at the Arthur Cording farm. Just one correction is needed. The picture was not from the June 20, 1965, edition of the Gazette. The year was 1968, 50 years ago.

More thoughts on the museum

I was invited to attend the Team of Scholars Workshop that took place at the Stillman Mansion sponsored by the Galena-Jo Daviess County Historical Society on June 25.

America, the ahistorical

I know that both political parties would love to forget the atrocities that our “better dead than red” foreign policy wrought throughout Central America...


Our heritage: Part II

Ohhhhh. . .would I have liked to have been a fly on the wall inside the meeting room in Stillman Mansion the last week of June.

Music and art flourish in unlikely places

The young musicians walked on the stage. They lifted their bows. The music soared. The children’s faces represented some of the best young classical musicians in the world. In the world of music, race, religion or national origin has no favorites. The urge to make music is universal.

Our heritage

This week, we celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

May the future be one of peace and safety

A rare picture postcard shows an elaborate display of July 4, 1914, fireworks in Galena. The photo, which was taken from the Grant Park area, looks west over the Green Street bridge toward Annunciation/Saint Michael School (now the Galena ARC). The other evening, I stood where I imagined that photo being shot, and thought of the children sitting on the hillside, looking with innocent wonder at the display.

Let's salute those who do away with...Litter

If a stranger came to Galena from the north–let’s say along Council Hill Road–this stranger could easily come to one conclusion: a favorite pastime of the people who live here is road drinking.

Students exercise their right to Assemble

On Sept. 25, 1789, the states received the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the constitution, for ratification.

Good news

For the hospital, the loan means the hospital saves $1 million annually in interest payments.

More opinions

New service

When two organizations dedicated to helping people decide to join in a common effort, it’s a big deal. That’s exactly what’s happening between Jo Daviess County Transit and the Galena Food Pantry.